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Class of 2014

6pm every Wednesday as I browse through my to-do-list for the day, there is that one task that is never completed “write weekly blog post”.  It gets added to Thursday’s list and also makes an appearance on Friday’s and then around noon panic sets it…oh what should I write about?  One might think as a blogger coming up with interesting topics within my niche every week is easy, but sometimes the mind doesn’t corporate or it seems like I’ve written …
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Rave For A Cause

“Beauty, Strength and Transformation” is the foundation on which Maimah Karmo founded Tigerlily Foundation.   After being diagnosed with breast cancer at age 32, Maimah was faced with the daunting challenge of finding treatment and resources to survive cancer.  Even though there was a lot of awareness programs there were no social programs to provide financial assistance for daily expenses such as groceries, childcare, mortgages etc.  Now in 43 states and strictly grassroots Tigerlily Foundation provides support and assistance to young …
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The Origin of “Keep Calm And…”

Over lunch last week whilst discussing summer break and carnival plans one of my lunch pals randomly blurted: “Did you know that the Keep Calm phrase has been around since World War II?” Everyone stopped talking and in unison looked at him and asked “What?”  (All thinking what does that have to do with our carnival plans.) “Yeah it was a motivational poster intended to raise the morale of the British public in the aftermath of widely predicted mass air …
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Summer Is Here! Are You Ready?

It’s official summer is HERE!  The days are getting longer and the nights shorter and vacation is on everyone’s mind. Summer is also here at Trade Winds Hotel and so should you :-).  Ideally located we offer the perfect summer solstice seclusion with easy access to beautiful beaches, surfing, shopping, golfing, hiking, sightseeing adventures and much more. Our charming hotel is fully equipped with everything desired to make your vacation exceptional.  Furnished and decorated specifically to check in and chill …
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Business Class Meeting at Trade Winds Hotel

The basis of a successful conference is the combination of your knowledge of the subject and audience and our extensive experiences in organizing business events. Our business options consists of flexibility, constructive feedback and endless possibilities. Are you looking for a hotel where top quality service is the standard?  Where you will have access to an extensive range of facilities, superb dining options and comfortable rooms? A place to hold meetings and events in a pleasant, relaxed and sustainable surroundings? …
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Mayscape at Trade Winds Hotel

Just like April…May is the perfect time to travel as it’s the shoulder season in most places; fewer tourists, lower prices and perfect weather especially here in Antigua & Barbuda. Can’t decide between a cityscape and a beach getaway?  Well here at the Trade Winds Hotel you get a mixture of both.  The moment you enter Trade Winds Hotel you will become aware of an atmosphere of charming Caribbean.  Nestled on the crest of a hill, we are surrounded by …
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