Over the past two years ten students of the Haitian Hotel School through assistance and funding from the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association Education Foundation (CHTAEF-Haiti) have been attending Antigua & Barbuda Hospitality Training Institute pursing their Associate Degree. The Haitian Hotel School was destroyed in the January 2010 earthquake leaving a lot of students with no access to hospitality training.  CHTAEF- Haiti Project does not aim to replace a Haitian Hotel School but provide immediate assistance to enable students …
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One for the road…bye bye Summer!

Oh, summer… why can’t you stay forever? In a few short days it will be back to work and school for most of us.  We hope you had the opportunity to take a vacation with your family.  If you haven’t yet, it’s not too late.  Before the kids go back to school and you head back to work, homework, projects and extracurricular activities…ESCAPE NOW! Where to go and what to do?  Not to brag but here in Antigua & Barbuda …
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Chef Hodge Judges, AHTA Course and New Interns.

Culminating the 2014 Carnival celebrations was the 9th Annual Mango Festival with the highlight event being the Mango Pineapple Culinary Cook-off.  This year Chef Hodge was again invited to be a judge.  Chef has previously judged the competition in 2007, 2008 and 2010. Trade Winds Hotel and Bay House Restaurant congratulates all winners and participants of the Culinary Cook-off. On the home-front our Chef De Partie Javid Sebastian this week attended an Effective Food & Beverage Management workshop being hosted …
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Anthony Needs No Reservations

I’ve been a fan of travel shows from since I was about 10 years old (won’t tell you my age) when I got my first globe as a Christmas present.  My television is always on Travel Channel, Discovery or National Geographic.  Through beautiful images, descriptions and narrations I find myself transported to some distant and exotic places and my travel bucket list is never-ending.  The adventures and musings of the hosts gives me inspiration and I find myself transported to …
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Book Now – Trade Winds Hotel – OH YEAH!

Every time we see a booking.com we can’t help but laugh out loud.  The facial expressions of the actors, the voice over and the final reveal can put a smile on anyone’s face and instantly makes you want to book a vacation. So we decided to put together our own booking.com script and here is what we came up with: Do you enjoy seamless and effortless vacation booking? Do you enjoy all day breakfast? Planning a business retreat for a …
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Bringing The Splendour!

Splendour:  brilliant or gorgeous appearance, colouring and magnificence Is what the streets of St. John’s will be as revellers take to the streets for the Opening Day Parade and T-shirt Mas of the Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival “Antigua’s Carnival” Splendour: an instance or display of imposing pomp or grandeur Two nights of pomp and grandeur; pageantry and talent by Queen of Carnival and Jaycees contestants. Splendour: great brightness; brilliant light or luster Be entertained by the brilliance and talent of the little revellers at the Junior Carnival, Junior Calypso and Teen Splash shows. Splendour: grandeur; glory; brilliant distinction The Panorama, …
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