Betty’s Hope

Standing majestically side by side the two remaining stone sugar mills and the remains of the still house of Betty’s Hope provided the livelihood for many generations of Antiguans from the time is was established in 1650 during British Colonial rule.  As the first large-scale sugar plantation on the island it flourished successfully under the ownership of Sir Christopher Codrington – Governor of the Leeward Islands who in 1674 name the estate Betty’s Hope after his daughter. No longer a …
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T20 Cricket Is HERE!

The greatest party in sports T20 Cricket is HERE!.  With our very own Sir Vivian Richards at the helm of Antigua Hawksbills in the inaugural Caribbean Premier League and lead by Captain Marlon Samuels everyone was on the edge of their seats in our first home game.  Down to 1 ball and 1 run to win the match, in true T20 style Antigua Hawksbills came out on top against the league’s leader the Barbados Tridents.     However, sweet victory …
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Carnival Wrap Up!

The Sweet Misbehavin’ that was Antigua’s Carnival culminated on Tuesday evening with the announcement of Ezzy Rattigan’s Golden Cup winning 2013 Road March.  Rattigan who also won 2013 Soca Jumpy with his song Golden Cup played some 174 times during the J’ouvert and Tuesday Mas celebrations. This year’s carnival celebration as expected was filled with colour, music, mas, pageantry, fun and friendship.  Trade Winds Hotel and Bay House Restaurant would like to congratulate all the artistes, contestants, committees and promoters …
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The Bachelorette.

7.8 million viewers in USA and Canada on Monday night watched the popular ABC television show The Bachelorette to see if Desiree Hartsock found love.  From the buzz on Twitter and Facebook just about everyone in Antigua & Barbuda was also watching because the two part season finale was filmed here. Betty’s Hope, Shirley’s Heights and Devil’s Bridge were some of the exotic and historical locations that Desiree and Drew had their whirlwind fantasy dates.  Our sister island Barbuda 8-mile long …
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Listen! Look! It’s Sweet Misbehavin’

Shhh!  Do you hear that? Shhh!  Can you hear that? Can you feel the vibrancy in the air? Listen again! Can you hear it?  Can you feel it? That sound and feeling is Antigua’s Carnival!  The Caribbean’s Greatest Summer Festival is finally here.  Eleven exciting days of cultural explosion, music, revelry and performing arts under the theme of Sweet Misbehavin’. The Sweet Misbehavin’ has been ongoing for weeks with the sounds of sweet soca music pulsating the airwaves.  Mas camps …
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New Dinner Menu Unveiled

Our fans and followers on Facebook and Twitter, staff and guests alike have all been excited and awaiting the unveiling our new dinner menu.  Even our seasonal Seagull showed up for yesterday’s photo shoot for the menu. The Bay House Restaurant at Trade Winds Hotel is fondly known as the island’s best kept secret.  We have received many compliments that share the sentiments that dining with us is an amazing culinary journey.   At the Bay House Restaurant we know how …
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Writer’s Block

So for the past two days I’ve been sitting staring at blank word document trying to figure out what to write about for this week’s blog.  It is not that there isn’t anything to write about…as a matter of fact there a lot is as we are in the peak of feting season leading up to Antigua’s Carnival.  But being that we’re a hotel we are trying to share with you all things sun, sea and sand…all that touristy stuff. …
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