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Antigua from the Excellence

If you’ve been following our Facebook and Twitter feed over the past few weeks we have been out and about exploring Antigua.  Recent shares were photos of the Sleeping Indian on our hike to Seaforth Beach and last week the rains allowed us to enjoy the waterfall in Christian Valley. This week we took the seas on the Excellence Catamaran Circumnav Tour to catch a glimpse and count our 365 beaches.  With a knowledgeable, delightful and funny crew we sped …
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Betty’s Hope

Standing majestically side by side the two remaining stone sugar mills and the remains of the still house of Betty’s Hope provided the livelihood for many generations of Antiguans from the time is was established in 1650 during British Colonial rule.  As the first large-scale sugar plantation on the island it flourished successfully under the ownership of Sir Christopher Codrington – Governor of the Leeward Islands who in 1674 name the estate Betty’s Hope after his daughter. No longer a …
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The Bachelorette.

7.8 million viewers in USA and Canada on Monday night watched the popular ABC television show The Bachelorette to see if Desiree Hartsock found love.  From the buzz on Twitter and Facebook just about everyone in Antigua & Barbuda was also watching because the two part season finale was filmed here. Betty’s Hope, Shirley’s Heights and Devil’s Bridge were some of the exotic and historical locations that Desiree and Drew had their whirlwind fantasy dates.  Our sister island Barbuda 8-mile long …
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Bird Watching.

We’ve just found our newest favourite thing to do LOL! So recently we had the pleasure of joining the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) for a bird watching workshop and tour.  As I was preparing for my first bird watching adventure I came across the expression “bird watching is a lifetime ticket to the theater of nature” and that is exactly what the experience proved to be. Although relaxing it was also very exciting and challenging as it involves a significant …
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Beachcombing: Dickenson Bay

Aquamarine, azure, crystal clear turquoise, beautiful blue water, soft powdery white sand are some of the adjectives used to describe Dickenson Bay.  Located on the northern side and the main hotel belt of the island it offers the fully-loaded beach experience of water-sports, snorkeling, horseback ridging, cocktails and more. Dickenson Bay is a 10-minute walk or a 3-minute shuttle ride from the Trade Winds Hotel and is the view every guest wakes up to every morning from your private balcony. …
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Beachcombing – Jabberwock Beach

So as promised we charged our GoPro, packed our sunblock and sunglasses and headed out on our first beachcombing adventure.  Even though you could find us on one of our beaches at least twice a week I must admit that I was quite nervous and anxious about this expedition…weird huh? But here we go… A short 10-minute drive from the Trade Winds Hotel, you’ll come across a one mile strip of fine powdery sand, post-card perfect, a surfer’s gem the iconic …
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