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Photo by: Ryan Spence - Cades Reef

They’re BACK!!!

THEY’RE BACK!!! Who’s back? The whales are back…the whales are back!!! Whale Watching is one of our favourite things to do.  Yeah I know…you’re asking yourself…isn’t wind surfing…oh wait beachcombing…oh and yeah turtle watching your favourite things to do?  Well yeah you’re right we did say those are our favourite things to do.  But when you live on an island paradise like we do you can’t just have one favourite thing…so whale watching is one as well…and be sure in …
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Private island dreams come true!

There is something about the notion of having your own private island that just makes your mind relax and say “aaaah this is the life”.   It is so vivid that you can picture yourself on a beach chair with an umbrella cocktail in your hand. If you could buy any island, which one would it be?  What would you do with it, and how would you use it?  What if we told you there was a way to live out …
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Wallings Dam

Antigua & Barbuda is famously known for having 365 beaches one for each day of the year.  You may have also heard or seen our tourism tagline “….the beach is just the beginning”.   If we may say so our-self that is indeed correct.  In addition to our endless turquoise beaches, friendly people and great cuisine there’s a lot to see and do. If you want to get away from it all and take in the sights and sounds of nature, …
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Turtle Watching

Imagine taking an evening stroll on the beach and you’re stopped in your tracks by a 200-300lbs leatherback.  She digs a hole and begins laying her eggs all whilst you stand there in awe and amazement.  Upon completion she covers the hole makes her markings and heads back into the dark of the night.  With excitement you try to find someone on the beach to tell and you call everyone you know to tell about this awesome moment you just …
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Summer In Antigua!

Cool ocean breezes, sparkling turquoise waters, colourful costumes, soca music, awesome parties and friendly people. What are we talking about?  “Summer in Antigua”! Antigua in the summer?  YES!  It is the perfect option especially if you’re looking for a bargain vacation this year. Here are a few reasons: Prices are lower in the summer!  It is usually off season in Antigua as most travellers visit during the winter season.  However, the Trade Winds Hotel is opened all year around and …
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Whale Watching Season Is HERE!

Have you ever gone Whale Watching?  At least 10 million people go whale watching every year.  The best Whale Watching trips encourage and aid conservation – the worst put whales at risk.  Humpback Whale sightings usually begin from around February until May of each year in Antigua & Barbuda before the whales leave for the cooler waters of the north. This year you can be a part of this wonderful experience since the Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua & Barbuda …
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