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Beachcombing: Dickenson Bay

Aquamarine, azure, crystal clear turquoise, beautiful blue water, soft powdery white sand are some of the adjectives used to describe Dickenson Bay.  Located on the northern side and the main hotel belt of the island it offers the fully-loaded beach experience of water-sports, snorkeling, horseback ridging, cocktails and more. Dickenson Bay is a 10-minute walk or a 3-minute shuttle ride from the Trade Winds Hotel and is the view every guest wakes up to every morning from your private balcony. …
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Beachcombing – Jabberwock Beach

So as promised we charged our GoPro, packed our sunblock and sunglasses and headed out on our first beachcombing adventure.  Even though you could find us on one of our beaches at least twice a week I must admit that I was quite nervous and anxious about this expedition…weird huh? But here we go… A short 10-minute drive from the Trade Winds Hotel, you’ll come across a one mile strip of fine powdery sand, post-card perfect, a surfer’s gem the iconic …
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Come and beachcomb with us!

We’re sure you’ve heard that Antigua has 365 beaches and you’ve probably rolled your eyes in disbelief as we are only 108 squares miles.    How is that even possible?  They are making it up, it’s just a tourism tactic, it’s a myth…yeah we’ve heard it all before.  PROVE IT! A few weeks ago we came across the site Antigua Tour Desk – Antigua Barbuda 365 Beaches Project.  PROVING IT…is what they plan to do.  Their goal is to compile a …
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“Children of the Wind” – A Windsurfing Movement

Inspiring, thrilling, exciting, breathtaking, awesome, emotional, passionate can hardly describe the documentary film “Children of the Wind” shown at the International Film Festival Antigua Barbuda last evening at Treetops.  The film tells the story of three Bonairians journey from poor  fishing families to become three of the best freestyle windsurfers in history, overcoming insuperable odds, breaking the elitist barriers, revolutionizing the sport and putting Bonaire on the map all at the same time. Whether you’re a windsurfer or couch-surfer you …
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Photo: Windsurfing Antigua

Surf’s Up – Island Time

The sun is high in the cloudless sky and the wind is energetic, from a distance you can see beautiful, colourful and vibrant kite sails dotting the skyline.  Your curiosity compels you to stop and get a closer look and as you do as if by cue you see someone performing some incredible mid air stunts and flips in the open water. We are referring to the thrill seeking adventurous kite-surfing which is fast becoming popular in Antigua.  Beach culture …
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Private island dreams come true!

There is something about the notion of having your own private island that just makes your mind relax and say “aaaah this is the life”.   It is so vivid that you can picture yourself on a beach chair with an umbrella cocktail in your hand. If you could buy any island, which one would it be?  What would you do with it, and how would you use it?  What if we told you there was a way to live out …
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