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Our Environmental Policy

Our Team recognizes that our Hotel has an important role to play in ensuring that we do all possible to protect and improve our island’s environment for both ourselves and future generations and assist all Tourism partners in making Antigua an Eco Tourism destination. Here’s our Environmental Policy: Our Hotel Personnel are committed to taking action. To invite and encourage all persons associated with us to actively join us in our efforts to improve and protect our environment. To achieve, …
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Our Gardens…Our Food.

Never mind food miles, the freshest vegetables and herbs only travel a few feet from the soil to your plate when you dine at Bay House Restaurant & Bar.  At Bay House Restaurant & Bar we pride ourselves in serving our guests the best and freshest local produce and with this in mind we grow our very own vegetables and herbs. Just a few feet away from our kitchen our pesticide-free garden supplies our kitchen with lettuce, parsley, celery and …
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Bird Watching.

We’ve just found our newest favourite thing to do LOL! So recently we had the pleasure of joining the Environmental Awareness Group (EAG) for a bird watching workshop and tour.  As I was preparing for my first bird watching adventure I came across the expression “bird watching is a lifetime ticket to the theater of nature” and that is exactly what the experience proved to be. Although relaxing it was also very exciting and challenging as it involves a significant …
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Caribbean Week of Agriculture 2012

A few weeks ago we blogged about Environmental Management Systems (EMS) being “The Quiet Revolution” taking over Antigua & Barbuda and the Caribbean region.  As we continue to research and practice EMS we came across another revolution rapidly becoming a main focus in the marketing and sustenance of our tourism product. Agriculture is one of the oldest and most basic parts of every country’s economy, and tourism for most is the newest and a rapidly growing niche.  Tourism officials worldwide …
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We Are Always Prepared.

You’ve circumnavigated the island on a power boat, turtle watched under the moonlight, traveled back in time at Nelson’s Dockyard and indulged in cocktails like the Antigua Nice whilst watching sunsets on our deck.  Then on day five after returning from a beautiful day picnic at Jabberwock Beach and feeling very proud of the fabulous tan that you know would be the envy of everyone back home you’re told that we are expecting a tropical storm. The Caribbean is known …
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A Quiet Revolution

A “quiet revolution” is taking place in Antigua & Barbuda and elsewhere in the Caribbean.  It is one less visible than the construction of new hotels and the building of new cruise ship terminals.  Environmental Management Systems (EMS) is changing the nature and shape of the tourism and hospitality industry from hotel guestrooms, housekeeping, and laundry services to gardening and it is happening in every tourism destination. In a recent seminar held at the Trade Winds Hotel by GEF-Antigua, SIRMM …
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