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Whale Watching Season Is HERE!

Have you ever gone Whale Watching?¬† At least 10 million people go whale watching every year.¬† The best Whale Watching trips encourage and aid conservation – the worst put whales at risk. ¬†Humpback Whale sightings usually begin from around February until May of each year in Antigua & Barbuda before the whales leave for the cooler waters of the north. This year you can be a part of this wonderful experience since the Environmental Awareness Group of Antigua & Barbuda …
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It’s not hard being green.

We at Trade Winds Hotel and Bay House Restaurant are so proud of our grounds team for our backyard garden! We captured a photograph of our Grounds Supervisor Richard Abraham en route to the kitchen with some lettuce that was picked today. Aside from lettuce, we also grow cabbage, celery, tomatoes, peppers and herbs and spices. The garden was started in September of last year and it is just another way for us to do our part in being Green …
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