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Eating Local When Travelling.

So you’ve done the bus tour and seen Fig Tree Drive, Devil’s Bridge, Nelson’s Dockyard, Shirley’s Heights, spent endless hours on our beautiful beaches, swam with the sting rays, shopped for souvenirs in Redcliffe and Heritage Quay, plus worked on your golf handicap.  Now with all that done here’s the big question: “Have you really experienced Antigua & Barbuda?” Many travellers will tell you that until you interact with local residents, you’ve only just skimmed the surface.  For many the …
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New Desserts Unveiled

Dinner is not quite complete without something sweet and decadent.  Yes we are talking about that mini-celebration of indulgence – DESSERT! The Bay House Restaurant celebrates the annual Mango Festival by introducing a new dessert menu.  Chef Hodge and his team have put together an artisanal menu incorporating local fruits such as mangoes, bananas and limes with your favourites like cheese cake, ice-cream and chocolate. New to the menu is the New York Style Cheese Cake which sits in an …
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Lobster and Pineapple Wrap in a Creamy Dressing

In celebration of Antigua Black Pineapple Awareness Day, Chef Hodge wanted to share one of his favs: Ingredients: 5oz  lobster meat cook and diced ½ tbsp  red onion diced ½ tbsp  celery diced ½ cup  black Antiguan pineapple, peels, and diced Red, yellow, and green pepper diced ¼ each Salt and white pepper to taste Salad as needed Dressing: 1/3 cup mayonnaise 2 tbsp fresh orange juice 1 tbsp fresh lime juice 1 tbsp fresh lemon juice Herbs (parsley, mint, …
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