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Let’s Play Ball!

Being a Caribbean island cricket and football (soccer) is normally the sport one would see being played on the village fields, on the beach and on side streets.  However as the Diaspora in the Caribbean and here in Antigua changes baseball is quickly becoming a popular sport.  In a few years we may very well be singing “Rally around the West Indies” at Baseball World Series :-)! Through affiliation with the Little League Baseball International Program headquartered in Pennsylvania the …
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CPL T20 Is Back!

It’s back!  Yes the biggest party in sport the Caribbean Premier League T20 Cricket is back.  And as you may remember last year Antigua Hawksbills was left to rue in our lost against Jamaica Tallawahs for the championship.  In addition to Antigua this year a total of 6 pro-teams will compete in the hopes of dethroning last year’s champs the Jamaica Tallawahs. This year the Hawksbills are ready and focus to put behind us “the one that got away” starting …
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T20 Cricket Is HERE!

The greatest party in sports T20 Cricket is HERE!.  With our very own Sir Vivian Richards at the helm of Antigua Hawksbills in the inaugural Caribbean Premier League and lead by Captain Marlon Samuels everyone was on the edge of their seats in our first home game.  Down to 1 ball and 1 run to win the match, in true T20 style Antigua Hawksbills came out on top against the league’s leader the Barbados Tridents.     However, sweet victory …
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Photo: Windsurfing Antigua

Surf’s Up – Island Time

The sun is high in the cloudless sky and the wind is energetic, from a distance you can see beautiful, colourful and vibrant kite sails dotting the skyline.  Your curiosity compels you to stop and get a closer look and as you do as if by cue you see someone performing some incredible mid air stunts and flips in the open water. We are referring to the thrill seeking adventurous kite-surfing which is fast becoming popular in Antigua.  Beach culture …
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Reactivating Cricket!

Rally, rally round the West Indies Now and forever Rally, rally round the West Indies Never say never Pretty soon the runs are going to flow like water Bringing so much joy to every son and daughter Say we’re going to rise again like a raging fire As the sun shines you know we gonna take it higher Rally, rally round the West Indies Now and forever Rally, rally round the West Indies That is the chorus of well known …
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Generation Next Launches Football Club.

It has been football fever in Antigua & Barbuda for the past few months especially with our most recent World Cup Qualifier 2014 matches against USA and Jamaica.  It is with all this excitement, love and passion for the game that the Generation Next Football Club is doing all it can to take football to the next level here in Antigua & Barbuda. Ricky Santos (Co-Founder) and his team have been tirelessly speaking with international football clubs all over the …
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