Parlez-vous français?

“Bienvenue aux alizés Trade Winds Hôtel.  Comment allez-vous?”

“Merci, bien, et vous?”

“Ca va bien”

Sometime last year we wrote a blog post about learning new things and made reference to an old adage “you learn something new every day”.  Well three of our employees have taken on the challenge of “apprendre à parler français a”…learning to speak French.

With the recent addition of new airlifts between France to Antigua via Guadeloupe we have seen an increase in French speaking visitors to our island.  And in keeping with our sustainability and empowerment program we thought it was very important and necessary that our staff should be able to communicate in French with our guests.  So our Restaurant supervisors Marcia George, Michelle Thomas as well as our online content creator Juanna McKenzie have started beginner’s French with the Antigua Hotels & Tourist Association.

All three are excited and are enjoying the challenge and have been studying and practicing their French with their families, friends and co-workers.    They’ve all confessed that the toughest part is the pronunciation of the French words as one just cannot say what you see.  Juanna has promised that in the upcoming weeks that you’ll begin to see French posts on our Facebook and Twitter feeds and also very soon an all French blog post…we are looking forward to that.

If you are thinking about visiting us soon from Guadeloupe, Air Antilles flies non-stop to Antigua every Monday and Thursday and LIAT Airlines offers a service every Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday.

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… jusqu’à la semaine prochaine (until next week)  🙂


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