Private island dreams come true!

There is something about the notion of having your own private island that just makes your mind relax and say “aaaah this is the life”.   It is so vivid that you can picture yourself on a beach chair with an umbrella cocktail in your hand.

If you could buy any island, which one would it be?  What would you do with it, and how would you use it?  What if we told you there was a way to live out your Robinson Crusoe fantasies?  And what if you don’t have to be a billionaire to buy, or even rent, one?  We know the perfect island that you could claim to be your own personal paradise for a day.

Ten minutes away from Trade Winds Hotel you can enjoy private island solace of Prickly Pear Island.  Your island escape begins with a short ride from the hotel to the dock in Hodges Bay and you’re boated over to .365 acres of personal getaway.  Miguel, Terrence and their team will be at your beck and call or if you prefer solitude they will ensure that all your comforts are met.

Enjoy an idyllic day sipping on cocktails whilst tanning, snorkel and swim in calm turquoise waters or just day-dream of a plan on how to convince Miguel to sell you his island so that this could be your daily routine.   Included in your purchase for the day is the use of snorkeling equipment along with your very own personal snorkeling instructor.  Your private island getaway gets better with a relaxed and luxurious buffet style Seafood/West Indian Menu of lobster, conch, fish and a variety of snacks.   The open bar carries both non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks and a variety of dream cocktails and oh not let’s forget the rum punch.

So just like the Bransons, Ellisons and Copperfields of the world you can enjoy the same luxury and private island romance without the need for billions.

So are you ready to sign on the dotted line…..?

Remember when you stay with Trade Winds Hotel between the months of September and October 2012, you receive a FREE FULL COMPLIMENTARY BREAKFAST everyday during your stay.  Oh and don’t forget to save even more and ask about our 2 for 1 special and receive a complimentary upgrade to an Ocean-view Junior Suite.


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