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A Slice of Tropical Delight.

Brightly coloured, delicious, dripping, exotic, flavourful, fleshy, fruity, healthy, juicy, mouth-watering, nutritious, sweet, decadent, tropical, tasty, refreshing….. Can you guess what we are talking about? Yes you got it right “MANGOES”. SWEET SWEET MANGOES! It is mango galore in Antigua right now and every corner you turn you are sure to see a road side stall with their colourful offerings as mango season runs through to the end of summer. During this bountiful season The Christian Valley Agriculture Station hosts …
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Meet Chef Leroy Hodge

He can teach your children and even design and build your dream home, but he is best known as the creative genius that tantalizes your taste buds at the island’s best kept secret.  Who are we talking about?  Chef Leroy of the Bay House Restaurant at the Trade Winds Hotel always had the love and passion for food and cooking but never considered it as a career choice. His first love was teaching and he was known to assist teachers …
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