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“Children of the Wind” – A Windsurfing Movement

Inspiring, thrilling, exciting, breathtaking, awesome, emotional, passionate can hardly describe the documentary film “Children of the Wind” shown at the International Film Festival Antigua Barbuda last evening at Treetops.  The film tells the story of three Bonairians journey from poor  fishing families to become three of the best freestyle windsurfers in history, overcoming insuperable odds, breaking the elitist barriers, revolutionizing the sport and putting Bonaire on the map all at the same time. Whether you’re a windsurfer or couch-surfer you …
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Photo: Windsurfing Antigua

Surf’s Up – Island Time

The sun is high in the cloudless sky and the wind is energetic, from a distance you can see beautiful, colourful and vibrant kite sails dotting the skyline.  Your curiosity compels you to stop and get a closer look and as you do as if by cue you see someone performing some incredible mid air stunts and flips in the open water. We are referring to the thrill seeking adventurous kite-surfing which is fast becoming popular in Antigua.  Beach culture …
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Reactivating Cricket!

Rally, rally round the West Indies Now and forever Rally, rally round the West Indies Never say never Pretty soon the runs are going to flow like water Bringing so much joy to every son and daughter Say we’re going to rise again like a raging fire As the sun shines you know we gonna take it higher Rally, rally round the West Indies Now and forever Rally, rally round the West Indies That is the chorus of well known …
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Caribbean Week of Agriculture 2012

A few weeks ago we blogged about Environmental Management Systems (EMS) being “The Quiet Revolution” taking over Antigua & Barbuda and the Caribbean region.  As we continue to research and practice EMS we came across another revolution rapidly becoming a main focus in the marketing and sustenance of our tourism product. Agriculture is one of the oldest and most basic parts of every country’s economy, and tourism for most is the newest and a rapidly growing niche.  Tourism officials worldwide …
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We Are Always Prepared.

You’ve circumnavigated the island on a power boat, turtle watched under the moonlight, traveled back in time at Nelson’s Dockyard and indulged in cocktails like the Antigua Nice whilst watching sunsets on our deck.  Then on day five after returning from a beautiful day picnic at Jabberwock Beach and feeling very proud of the fabulous tan that you know would be the envy of everyone back home you’re told that we are expecting a tropical storm. The Caribbean is known …
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Vacation Fun Right At Your Doorsteps

Have you been working nonstop since the Christmas holidays?  Do you have a couple of vacation days?  Can’t be bothered with the hassle of long trips?  Well here’s a wild suggestion for you – get away on a vacation right here at home.  Explore, discover and enjoy a world of vacation fun right at your doorsteps. Fortunately you live in one the most historically, culturally and scenically rich areas in the Caribbean.  We are famously known for having 365 beaches …
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